October 2015

Thinking about behaviour change: an interdisciplinary dialogue


How should we think about and understand human behaviour? What’s the role of theoretical models? How can – and should – such models be used in practice? And what can we learn from the many different academic and practical perspectives on the subject? This book, aimed at anyone with an interest in behaviour change, offers a fresh and challenging take on these questions.

The book comprises a Dialogue, which sets out key debates in a lively and accessible way, and 21 commentaries written from a wide range of standpoints, including academic, commercial and public sector. 

The Dialogue was created by me following an event at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. It brings together three imaginary graduate students – Evie, Paola and Yusuf – who attended the Centre for Behaviour Change event and have now met up to discuss further some of the issues raised.

You can download Dialogue below. The rest of the book you’ll have to buy, I’m afraid!